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Our Characteristics


We have a staff trained in the service and handling of products who will guide you on which space is necessary to store your goods, helping you make the most of the space.


We take security very seriously, access to your module is only yours. You are the one who places your locks, we do not have copies or keep keys.


We have 24-hour surveillance personnel, intrusion detection systems connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to an alarm and monitoring center, with specialized security forces, we have a closed circuit of cameras monitored by our security personnel.


You can access the facilities as many times as you need (unlimited) within the access hours.


You choose the module size (from 4  Mts2) that best suits the volume of your things and choose the duration of the rental. You can change the space whenever you want, increasing or decreasing. (According to availability)


The cleanliness and hygiene of our facilities is a priority since when our clients rent a personal warehouse they want their goods to be and remain in a clean place.


• We clean and fumigate the modules every time the user changes.
• Constant cleaning of entrances and corridors.
• Door maintenance.

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