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The space you need easy, close, flexible and safe.

In Smart Storage you can find the space that suits your needs; storage from 2 m2 to 70 m2. We are the largest Self Storage in the Dominican Republic. We contact and hire your personal warehouse in the locality of your preference.  

Warehouses for domestic use 

Personal warehouses - Self Storage

Do you need additional space in your home? Renting a personal warehouse or sefl storage is ideal, they work as an extension of your home, allowing you to keep those documents, articles and other accessories that are not in continuous use.  

In which cases a personal warehouse is used: 

- Marriages

- Temporary removals

- Apartments rent

- Remodeling or adaptations of spaces

- Relief of seasonal items and accessories such as Christmas decorations, little trees, etc. 

- Everything you wish. 

Contáctenos y uno de nuestro colaboradores le brindará las informaciones que necesite y ayudará a elegir el espacio de su preferencia.

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