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About us

Smart Storage is the leading and largest self storage in the Dominican Republic, we offer a service under standards  international, in the city center. A safe, comfortable and easily accessible place for yourself  can access your space either for private or business use, with the guarantee that only you and the people you authorize will have access.

Our storage for private or personal use, ideal for freeing up space in your home or storing your things such as furniture, decorations, sporting goods, seasonal clothing, all Christmas accessories and even complete removals. Small or large companies and entrepreneurs who need spaces to have inventories, tax files, documents, enable additional spaces, remodeling, among others.

In our locations you will find a variety of tools and facilities for your convenience, we have an office for clients' use where for a short time you can prepare your dispatches, with access to a printer, telephone and internet.  

You can rent for short or long periods of time according to your needs. We have warehouses from 4 to 60 m2.


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